The PNWP Education Edge

Pacific NW Pilates Education Offers Superior Training, Flexibility & Credentials

Pacific NW PIlates (PNWP) Education is a fully certified STOTT PILATES® training facility. STOTT PILATES is the most respected international organization for training & certifying Pilates instructors and is often referred to as the “Ivy League” of Pilates training.

Whether you are an aspiring or current fitness professional, PNWP Education offers a STOTT PILATES program to help you meet your career or business goals. We are happy to explain any of our advantages and answer your questions.

Choose full certification—or take individual courses

The PNWP Education instructor training  program has been designed for flexible scheduling, and is modular, so you can do the full program, or take only the courses you’re interested in.

NOTE: Special discounts are available to those who register for a complete package (e.g., Mat Level 1 and Mat Level 2).

Recommended order of coursework:

  • Rehabilitation courses are available only to degree-qualified healthcare professionals and Physical Therapy Assistants.

* If you have completed prior anatomy and physiology studies you may qualify for an exemption from the functional anatomy course.  Email or call  503.292.4409 if you believe you qualify for an exemption, or take our online online anatomy quiz to find out if your knowledge of anatomy is comprehensive enough to ensure your success in the certification program.

Flexible scheduling

The modular nature of the course also means that you have a great deal of flexibility in your scheduling. We offer weekend courses, spaced out over several weeks per module, as well as intensive, consecutive weekday courses. You can mix and match modules to create a schedule that suits your needs.

Discounts and payment options

We want to work with you and your budget. We offer discounts to those who register for multiple courses, i.e., packages. A no-interest monthly payment plan is available for tuition greater than $2000.

Auditing our courses

One of the benefits of taking courses at PNWP Education is the opportunity to audit those same courses in the future, without incurring additional charge. PNWP course auditors don’t just observe; they take an active role in refreshing memory and skills.


PNWP Education graduates are highly regarded and in demand. Read about some of our alumni here.