Mat Instructor Courses

Mat work is the foundation of  STOTT PILATES® exercises.

Functional Anatomy (a prerequisite of Mat coursework) provides the framework to understand the way the body works. PNWP’s STOTT PILATES Mat courses are the perfect starting point in your Pilates teacher certification training: Learn to observe individuals and the way they use their bodies, and to individualize client programs.

Course Descriptions

Mat Level 1: Intensive Mat Plus™ (IMP)

The Level One Matwork Course (IMP) provides the foundation and skills needed to develop effective and motivating personal training programs and some group programming. This course will enable instructors to design and teach the Level 1 (Essential and Intermediate) Matwork repertoire, integrating small equipment to add variety and meet the specific needs of clients.

You will learn:

  • The STOTT PILATES Five Basic Principles
  • Essential, Intermediate, Power workouts
  • Flex-Band, Fitness Circle and Arc Barrel variations
  • Effective observation and communication skills
  • Verbal and gestural cueing for client instruction and motivation
  • Theory and practice of postural analysis
  • 63 exercises plus modifications for specific body types, postural issues and conditions
  • How to incorporate resistance equipment to support and intensify exercises
  • Exercise layering related to effective program design
  • Workout composition for personal sessions and group training


  • Working knowledge of functional anatomy
  • 30 hours of prior Pilates classes (We strongly recommend that some of those hours are privates)

Mat Level 1 Course Details

Mat Level 1 is a combination of course hours and independent study for a total of 95 hours. We’re happy to explain thoroughly when you call.

  • 40 hours instruction and supervised teaching
  • Minimum 10 hours observation
  • Minimum 30 hours physical review
  • Minimum 15 hours practice teaching
  • Total – 95 hours

Mat Level 2: Advanced Mat (AM)

This six- hour,  one-day course provides further options and challenges on the mat for highly conditioned clients. Exercises require a high degree of strength, balance and coordination.

You will learn:

  • Muscular initiation and sequencing of advanced-level exercises
  • Multiple variations for variety and intensity
  • 13 exercises to challenge strong and athletic clients

Schedule and Tuition

Get the best price on Mat Level 1 and Mat Level 2 courses when you schedule and purchase at the same time.  Tuition includes all required course materials.