Anatomy Quiz

If you have never taken a certification course at Pacific NW Pilates or any other licensed STOTT PILATES® training center, you must submit the following quiz with your course application before you will be permitted to enroll in a certification course at Pacific NW Pilates. If you prefer, you can download a PDF version of the anatomy quiz to mail or fax with your application form.

You can, of course, look up the answers as you’re taking the quiz, but the purpose of the quiz is to help us (and you) find out if your knowledge of anatomy is comprehensive enough to ensure your success in the certification program. You will need to know all the information covered in the quiz to successfully complete the course curriculum and we will discuss your quiz results in your introductory interview for the certification program.

If the quiz indicates that you need to learn more about anatomy, we will recommend that you take Functional Anatomy, which is a prerequisite for the IMP, IR and CMR courses.

Foundations of anatomy test

  1. 1. Shoulder movement in the coronal plane is called:
  2. 2. If a client is lying supine with his/her forearm pronated, he/she is:
  3. 3. The abdominal muscles include:
  4. 4. The origin of the psoas major is:
  5. 5. The hip flexors include:
  6. 6. The bony landmarks of the pelvis include:
  7. 7. During an eccentric contraction of a muscle:
  8. 8. Knee flexion is created by:
  9. 9. The muscles of the rotator cuff include:
  10. 10. The lumbar spine has:
  11. 11. A person with an increased thoracic kyphosis:
  12. 12. The humerus:
  13. 13. Shoulder abduction is created by:
  14. 14. Left thoracic rotation is created by the:
  15. 15. Adduction of the hip:
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If you do not hear from us within five business days of sending this online form, please contact us by phone or email to make sure that we received your information.