Total Barre Foundation Course

2019 Total Barre™ Foundation Course

Saturday, September 21, 2019
noon- 8 p.m.


Registration, $395 ($325 + $70 materials)

Satisfy your annual STOTT PILATES CEC requirements—earn .7 credits in one day

Call  503-292-4409 to register.

Bring music-inspired movement to your clients. You’ll love the 11 specially arranged and selected segments—each choreographed to timed selections of movement to target a specific part of the body.


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You don’t have to be a dancer to think like a dancer. Trying new things in new patterns awakens new neural pathways. Total Barre uses music to send a message to the brain: Pay attention to alignment, posture and specific muscles at the same time!


Total Barre


Total Barre Course Objectives

Experience and implement six Total Barre Foundational Principles.

Learn creative choreography of a well-balanced Total Barre workout.

Use course template to effectively guide participants—and modify choreography of future workouts.

Explore and understand various movements and the required stabilization and mobilization.

Learn to cue, correct and modify effectively for all populations.

Note: Participants will receive suggested beats-per-minute for each segment of the workout—and a music playlist.

Total Barre Foundations Course, Pacific NW Pilates, Portland, Ore.

Total Barre Basics

A healthy body is adaptive and responsive. Total Barre applies STOTT PILATES principles to barre exercises. It integrates functional, dynamic movement in every plane—at varied speeds and rhythms. Students have to think on their feet to quickly coordinate stability, balance and movement.

The bottoms of our feet have more than 200,000 nerve endings and more neuroreceptors than anywhere else in the body. And, we’re all hardwired to respond to music. Designing an exercise class—to a playlist with a strong beat—energizes clients and teaches movement at all ability levels.

Total Barre students practice transferring their weight and testing their balance. They point and flex their feet, tap them, slide them, push them into the floor, and raise them up and down.  As a student progresses, hand weights and ankle straps challenge their ability to align their feet, knees and hips and remain on balance.

The benefit of Total Barre in your practice

Total Barre helps you put the “surprise factor” back into your clients’ body training. You’ll inject new challenge, innovation and energy to any Pilates studio. And, you’ll have another avenue to identify the so-called “missing links” of clients’ technique and body awareness.

Students love it because they have fun and enjoy the camaraderie of learning together and tackling new skills.

Adapt playlists to your groups to make a Total Barre routine your own.