Injuries & Special Populations

In-depth Education for Pilates Instructors

ISP is a highly interactive presentation with plenty of hands-on practical application for learning how to work with injured clients using Pilates exercises. You’ll gain confidence in working with special populations, e.g.,  pregnancy, autoimmune disorders, fibromyalgia, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis—and people with specific injuries, e.g., disk herniations, patello-femoral syndrome, shoulder impingement, etc.

This intensive four-day course is taught by PNWP Owner Melanie Byford-Young, a STOTT PILATES Master Instructor. Her reputation is excellent; Melanie teaches rehab and ISP courses in Portland and in select STOTT PILATES studios in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Canada.

You will learn:

  • Principles and techniques to address weakness, health conditions, postural problems or injuries
  • Biomechanics of movement dysfunction
  • Hone postural analysis skills with new assessment tools
  • Clinical reasoning to assess an injured musculoskeletal system
  • To recognize “red-flags”  to refer a client to an appropriate medical professional
  • To return clients to daily activities, social sports or high-level athletic competition
  • Effective and accurate communication with medical professionals

Prerequisites: Intensive Mat Plus (IMP) or Intensive Reformer (IR)

Schedule and Tuition

Get the best price on ISP courses when you schedule and purchase with a Mat or Reformer package at the same time.  Tuition includes all required course materials.