About STOTT PILATES® Training

Intelligent Exercise. Profound Results.®

STOTT PILATES® teaches professionals from around the world a contemporary, anatomically-based approach to the full repertoire of J.H. Pilates. It is the most respected organization for training & certifying pilates instructors.

By incorporating the latest medical research and information about body mechanics, the STOTT PILATES® method emphasizes proper breathing and stabilization of the spine in a neutral, rather than flat position (which was typical of Joseph Pilates’ original approach), to help maintain or restore the natural curves of the spine and prevent or relieve back problems.

Additionally, STOTT PILATES® emphasizes the correct movement and stabilization of the ribs, shoulders and cervical spine to ensure the safety and effectiveness of all exercises.

The STOTT PILATES® repertoire consists of more than 500 mat and equipment-based exercises, including unique preparatory, Essential, Intermediate and Advanced workouts. Pilates instructors not only learn this repertoire, but also a wide variety of modifications and exercise sequences that can be used to customize programs for individuals and group classes or help people with special physical issues.

These comprehensive programs are respected (and used) by doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, physiologists, health and fitness professionals worldwide.

Why choose STOTT PILATES®?

As a STOTT PILATES® instructor-in-training, you will learn more than just choreography. You will gain the knowledge, skills, confidence and practical experience to develop effective programs for a range of clients, from average people to elite athletes and post-rehabilitation clients.

Each educational course or workshop provides training in both the logic and execution of the featured exercises. Routines are discussed and reinforced through observation, practice teaching and feedback from Instructor Trainers. We even offer a structured ‘Train to Teach’ and mentor program to give aspiring instructors plenty of opportunities to work with clients under the tutelage of certified experts.

Certification courses and workshops are only taught by STOTT PILATES® certified Instructor Trainers at the International Certification Center in Toronto or at select licensing centers such as Pacific NW Pilates Education.


• An organization with a 20-year heritage of developing and delivering high caliber, relevant and scientifically-based training and certification programs.
• A resource for continuing education so instructors can keep up with the latest developments in health, fitness and rehabilitation.
• An all-in-one resource that offers consistently high-quality products and services, including an award-winning library of professional videos and manuals and a comprehensive array of commercial-grade pilates equipment.
• A senior partner of IDEA, the world’s leading membership organization for health and fitness professionals.
• A founding sponsor of the Pilates Method Alliance.
• A sponsor and member of the International Health and Racquet Sports Association.
• Recognized by Can-Fit-Pro as a continuing education provider.

STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructors benefit from:

• Inclusion in the Instructor Finder of the STOTT PILATES® Web site, which receives more than 1 million unique visitors annually.
• Ongoing association with the world’s largest and most respected professional pilates education organization and a network of certified instructors.
• Access to high caliber, branded marketing-support materials.
• Use of the internationally recognized STOTT PILATES® registered trademark and tagline: Intelligent Exercise. Profound Results.®
• Instructor Trainer consultation services.
• Professional discounts on STOTT PILATES® equipment.
• Access to certification courses and continuing education workshops at the International Certification Center, licensed training centers (such as Pacific NW Pilates), multiple hosting centers and trade shows worldwide.
• Employment referrals worldwide.
• Subscription to an exclusive monthly email newsletter.