PNWP Education Graduates

Motivated PNWP Education graduates are successful and in demand

PNWP Education graduates have joined these health and fitness businesses:

Balance Therapeutic Massage and Core Fitness Studio, Portland, OR*
Beaverton Pilates, Beaverton, OR*
CBC Fitness Consulting, Portland, OR*
Masterwork Pilates Studio, Kennewick, WA
Midtown Pilates Center, Eugene, OR
Pilates For Life Northwest, Vancouver, WA*
Pilates Plus, Vancouver, WA*
Resilient Pilates Body, Hailey, ID
Sandpoint Pilates, Sandpoint, ID*
Studio Blue, Portland, OR
Studio Malulani, Tacoma, WA*
Studio Origin, Newburg, OR
Westside Pilates, Vancouver, WA*

Gyms, Clubs and Community Centers
Bethany Athletic Club, Portland, OR
Hawthorne Athletic Club, Portland, OR
Mittleman Jewish Community Center, Portland, OR
Multnomah Athletic Club, Portland, OR
Riverplace Athletic Club, Portland, OR
Tri City Court Club, Kennewick, WA
YMCA, Colorado Springs, CO

Clinics and Wellness Centers
Active Edge Physical Therapy, West Linn, OR
Asula, Portland, OR
Bodywies Physical Therapy, Eugene, OR
Bodywise Physical Therapy, Springfiled, OR
Bridgetown, Physical Therapy, Portland, OR
New Heights Integrative Therapy, Portland OR
Element Wellness, Portland, OR
Laurelhurst Physcial Therapy Clinic, Portland OR
Longview Physical Therapy, Longview, WA
Mckenzie Willamette Hospital, Springfield, OR
Patterson Physical Therapy and Wellness Center, Eugene OR
Rebound Physical Therap[y, Vancouver, WA
Staszak Physical Therapy, Eugene, OR
Tsawwassen Wellness Centre, BC
West Portland Physical Therapy Clinic, Portland, OR

* PNWP Education graduates who are studio owners

Pilates instruction can be a career change or continuing education in the fitness field. Pacific NW Pilates Education creates a lasting value and community. Past graduates speak:

I am slowly transitioning into the next phase of my life (my children are leaving home).  One of the greatest gifts that the training at PNWP has given me, aside from amazing education, is the ongoing support from teachers and fellow classmates. It has added another dimension to my life.
– Nina Nakagawa, certification graduate

Until now, I can’t say I had met the “right” people. I can confidently say that four days at Breathe was the best thing I have done for my physiotherapy career. Melanie and Raph posessed all the qualities and experience that I admire and aspire to.

On a personal note, four days at Breathe and my body also feels fantastic.  As instructors/ treaters, they both also have an amazing ability to instill a sense of self importance/ confidence that makes you feel like you (as a client) can/deserve to get your body well.
– Joanna Wall, attended Melanie’s workshop Australia

“STOTT PILATES training courses have completely changed the course of my life!  I now own a beautiful studio in Vancouver, WA.   I can see the results of my teaching as my clients’ minds and bodies begin to change.  The training at PNWP is so amazing and thorough. The instructors at PNWP make sure that you have the building blocks to understand all of the exercises and why you are teaching them.”
– Laura Greear,  studio owner, Westside Pilates

After 12 years in the fitness industry, I discovered Pilates through my own dealings with a severe back injury.  After one class, I was hooked.  The more I performed Pilates, the better my entire body felt. Now, three years later, I am happy to say that I am 100% pain free and enjoy a freedom of movement that I have not experienced since childhood.

I opened up my own Pilates and Fitness studio in September of 2010 and I am happy to say that business is booming! 
– Charleen Stringer, studio owner, Studio Core Pilates and Fitness, Kennewick, WA