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We Specialize in Pilates Career Education

Pacific NW Pilates (PNWP) is the Northwest’s premier Pilates education center. STOTT PILATES® method and certification is the industry’s gold standard. Our STOTT PILATES license—with the reputation and deep authority of Owners Leslie Braverman and Melanie Byford-Young—allows us to attract and train the finest Pilates fitness and rehabilitation teachers.  The experience is satisfying, substantive—and the beginning of long relationships; the exceptional teachers trained here tend to return for continuing education credits.

See how we structure an education path with convenience and flexibility on our The PNWP Education Edge page.

Instructor and Rehabilitation Certification

Pilates Instructor Certification Coursework is for:

  • A personal trainer or yoga instructor who wants to add Pilates to their current practice
  • A Licensed Massage Therapist interested in adding Pilates to their skill set
  • A dancer who seeks a post-dance career that combines their professional discipline, body and movement awareness
  • An individual with personal Pilates experience who wants to translate their new-found passion into a satisfying full- or  part-time career

Instructor Certification* courses … 

  • begin with the Mat Package (1-Essential & Intermediate and 2-Advanced)
  • and proceed to Reformer Package (1-Essential & Intermediate and 2-Advanced)
  • and the Cadillac, Chair & Barrels Package                                                          *Anatomy is a prerequisite to any certification courses. (PNWP schedules Functional Anatomy classes  in winter, summer and fall to precede coursework packages, if needed.)

Pilates Rehabilitation Certification Coursework is for:

  • A Physical Therapist, Chiropractor or Occupational Therapist who wants to integrate the therapeutic benefits and private revenue of Pilates into clinical practice
  • A Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) who wants to perfect their therapeutic exercise options

Rehabilitation Certification courses …

  • begin with Rehabilitation Mat & Reformer 1 (RM1 and RR1) 
  • and proceed to RM2 and RR2
  • and completes with Rehab for Cadillac, Chair and Barrels (RCCB 1 & RCCB 2)

Thank you for your interest. Your next step is to introduce yourself. Please complete the form (below), and one of us will contact you within 24 hours (Monday through Friday) to take you through the details and answer your questions.

Note: This is simply an introduction form. We will contact you—or you may start the process by calling us directly at (503) 292-4409.

You will then proceed to Step 3 as described on Become An Instructor page.

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